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Thank you for your support


Dear fellow friends and shareholders of KRN.


I would like to thank you for your outstanding response. I received over 125 complaints representing over

200 shareholders. We now have the website up and running and it is designed to get our message out to all parties responsible for this mess. I encourage you to post any serious complaint you have made from the start of Feb. 2018.


I would ask that you only make professional submissions and always identify yourself. The site is user-friendly. I have thousands of emails and correspondence that I and other shareholders will be posting. We have to keep the pressure on the agencies and financial institutions that are allowing this to continue.


Yours truly


Stan Phinney



Email from the Government of Saskatchewan - FCAA 

Sent: Friday, December 3, 2021 6:22 PM


Subject: RE: Fwd: Saskatchewan passes new securities legislation to strengthen investor protection | IIROC


Mr. Phinney


The legislation referred to in the news release is 2019, CHAPTER 23, An Act to amend The Securities Act, 1988 (Assented to May 15, 2019), which I’ve attached. The specific amendments mention in the attached document are found in Section 151.2, 153 and 154 of The Securities Act, 1988. A link to The Securities Act, 1988, can be found on the FCAA’s website at


Ken Foster

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan



Securities Division

601-1919 Saskatchewan Drive

Regina, Canada S4P 4H2

Bus: 306-787-7840

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Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Saskatchewan passes new securities legislation to strengthen investor protection | IIROC


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could you please send me info on this legislation so I can post on our web site and inform shareholders. 



Stan Phinney

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Subject: Fwd: Saskatchewan passes new securities legislation to strengthen investor protection | IIROC

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Date: Mon, Nov 8, 2021 at 11:06 AM
Subject: Saskatchewan passes new securities legislation to strengthen investor protection | IIROC
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Randy Jackson 


The initial request for help with ongoing investigations


November 29, 2021


To All Friends and Family Shareholders of Karnalyte Resources


I am seeking your help on behalf of all of us !


For the past 38 months, I have been fighting to get each and every Canadian Securities regulator to investigate how and why AST/ D F King (now owned by the TSX) and the CIBC changed my votes along with well over 4,000,000 votes of 40 other shareholders in the 2018 KRN Election of Directors. I have proof of how I voted and how AST recorded different numbers prior to and at the 2018 annual meeting. To date, I have received no answers.

Perhaps your votes were changed too ????



As you can see at there is a significant number of shares changing hands daily (approx. 200,000 daily on the retail TSX market) so I believe we need to act quickly and as a group, if we want to salvage our investment.  The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench has stated that there were votes changed and suppressed in the 2018 election resulting in a number of illegal activities by the board but it appears that the regulators have done nothing in response.


Please use the link below (copy and paste) to have your voice heard by the Attorney and Solicitor Generals of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, the heads of the Alberta Securities Commission and Ontario Securities Commission, the TSX, TSX Trust (formerly AST), IIROC, and the FCAC (Federal Consumer Agency of Canada) and other stakeholders. Please copy your provincial and federal Members of Parliament.

If you can fire off a request to investigate by Wed Dec 1, we might get things moving to have the regulators or courts overturn the 2018 election and move forward from there.


Thank you for your assistance. Please forward this to anyone you know with shares.


Stan Phinney - KRN Shareholder


File Link Dec 2012 Request





KRN Voter Fraud Request for Submitting letters to the government



(cut and paste to OutBox:);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


(cut and paste) Suggested Subject Line: KRN 2018 Vote Fraud


(cut and paste) Suggested Request:

As an active shareholder in Karnalyte Resources, I am requesting that you take whatever action is required to investigate the vote fraud and suppression that took place at the KRN 2018 annual meeting Election of Directors.


Yours sincerely


Your Name